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Fitness for all

Many of us dream about having an attractive physique. A well defined body structure is obviously desired by most of the population. Over the decades bodybuilding has come to be one of the most sought out sport especially for youths. Individuals with great body, posing on the stage is appealing indeed but what we need Read more

MUST Try exercises at the gym

Are you sick and tired of hitting the gym each and every day and not being able to see the results? Trust us, we know how this situation feels. The ratio of people who step into the gym and achieve their goal is surprisingly very less to the ratio of people feeling depressed and quitting Read more

Protein- The real science revealed

The question that we all have in our mind at some point during our fitness program is ‘should or shouldn’t we consume protein supplements?’  Let’s get deeper into this topic and hope to find the answer to your question. Protein is a special type of molecule that is made up of amino acids- building blocks Read more

Diet for the beginners

When it comes to building a physique that you crave for most of the people are misguided about how to achieve it. The idea about spending hours and hours at the gym to attain the dream body is nothing but a huge mistake which can be seen a lot these days. One must keep in Read more