MUST Try exercises at the gym

November 8, 2020 admin

Are you sick and tired of hitting the gym each and every day and not being able to see the results? Trust us, we know how this situation feels. The ratio of people who step into the gym and achieve their goal is surprisingly very less to the ratio of people feeling depressed and quitting soon after they join in. If you are somewhere in between this dilemma and don’t know what to do, we are going to reveal to you some exercises that are a must try and will blow your mind with the results once you try them at your gym.

Compound exercises are the ones that hit multiple and major muscle groups at the same time when you perform them. Using these exercises will help you increase your strength, stamina, endurance and performance.

Bench Press: 

It is considered as the King of upper body movement exercises. This exercise hits a number of muscle groups including chest, shoulders, triceps and back. It has many variations and can be performed in an inclined (targeting the upper pecs and shoulders) or declined (targeting the lower pecs) position, using dumbbells and even the smith machine.


It is known as the Mother of all exercises and is one of the best movements that you can do for your entire body. Legs are the foundation of the human body and performing squats will help you get bigger and stronger legs. The traditional overhead squat will mainly target the thighs, core and lower back to some extend whereas front squats maintain a high pressure to the thighs. 


It targets almost all the major muscle groups of the body. There are a number of deadlift variations such as Sumo deadlift (main focus on the legs and lower back), conventional deadlift (lower back and chest), stiff-legged deadlift (major focus on hamstrings and glutes).

Standing Military Press:

It is one of the most effective exercise when it comes to building a full capped delts.  This exercise also helps to build a stronger core. A variation to this exercise would be to perform it using dumbbells.

Body weight exercises such as pullup, pushup, dip, plank, glute bridge, burpee… are very beneficial when it comes to conditioning of the muscles. These exercises are based on your body weight and hit the targeted muscles with very high intensity.

Push-Pull workout is one of the major ideas to always keep in mind while working out. The muscles included in pushing are chest, shoulders, triceps and quads and pulling are back, biceps, rear delts, traps, hamstrings and forearms. While performing these movements try to keep it at 3:2 ratio. For example if you perform 3 of pulling exercises then go on doing 2 of pushing exercises. That way you will build a very proportional and attractive physique on the long run. 

While we have suggested you use these exercises in your routine, please keep in mind that proper form to perform them is very important as well to get the desired results or serious injury may take place. Ask your trainer to help you perform them in a proper way and within a certain period of time you will see significant changes in your physique.