Diet for the beginners

November 8, 2020 admin

When it comes to building a physique that you crave for most of the people are misguided about how to achieve it. The idea about spending hours and hours at the gym to attain the dream body is nothing but a huge mistake which can be seen a lot these days. One must keep in mind that Rome was not build in a day. Having said that, let us help you get closer to your goals.

Diet, ‘Dieting’ is a must to understand if you are a fitness freak. Everything you do in your day to day life is greatly affected by what you put in your body. If you run out of breath while performing your normal chores, can’t make it upto the mark while jogging or running, lack stamina, misleading focus… it all has something to do with your diet. People usually starve themselves to get rid of those extra pounds that they have put on or usually eat blindly to gain some muscles. These are the common mistakes that eventually end up hurting you on the long run.

When you are on a diet, aim for it to be a balanced one. Duh… nothing special about that right ? You must have heard that a thousand of times but what we are trying to tell you is do not skip on any of the nutrients especially the macros. Most of the people exclude carbs from their diet to lose fat which is a huge mistake. Trust me doing so will only put you in a difficult situation, the one where you definitely don’t want to be. Never… ever… and mark my words EVER skip on the macros (Protein, Carbohydrate and Fats). They all have equal values to your body. You even need to eat the fat (health ones such as avocados, olives, nuts…) to get rid of the stubborn fats from your body. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. Eat fat to get rid of the fat, but that is just how it works.

A diet should not only be balanced but also flexible. Approaching a hardcore dieting method will get you temporary solutions which will not last for long. When you are on a strict diet for a certain period of time and you decide to go back to your normal diet regime, your body gets confused and responds in a very different way, one which you are sure not to be fond of, resulting in you having an upset stomach, gaining weights rapidly and ultimately getting depressed seeing all your hard work go down the gutter.

Body builders on the other hand have a very strict dieting schedule and that is only because they need to compete and make a name for themselves in their field. They go to an extra mile to get that perfect edge on the stage while competing. Until and unless you are a professional body builder or a fitness model getting ready for a photo shoot we do not recommend anyone to approach a dieting method that they cannot commit to. 

Sure the buffed up guys with the big guns have gave you tons of tips on how they do it but keep in mind that all body types are not the same. Be open minded, have a positive attitude and a proper mind set towards your goal. Put in a little research by yourself on which path you want to walk on. Train smart and eat healthy.

Here are some must follow tips for you to get closer to your goals.

  1. Do not skip on your meals.
  2. Always stay hydrated. Drink before you feel thirsty and eat before you starve yourself.
  3. Keep a track of your macros. (Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat).
  4. Do not ignore the micro nutrients as well. (Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, multi-vitamins, Zinc…).
  5. Eat lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables.
  6. While at the gym or your daily workout program always stay focused.
  7. Do not skip your daily exercise routine except for the rest days.
  8. Get proper sleep. Enough for you to get going with the same level of energy during your workout the next day.